What we do.

Graphically summarising information for efficient and clear communication.

We can help with your conferences, strategy sessions, panel discussions, team meetings, training workshops, boardroom lunches. Visual information for your websites, presentations, client pitches, project updates, survey results, final reports, visual CVs.

  • Visual notes
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Data visualisation

Summarising your conferences, strategy sessions, panel discussions, team meetings, training workshops, boardroom lunches or anytime a summary is useful.

We listen closely to what is being said and visually capture the main points using words and pictures. This is called graphic recording and is done in real-time on paper or a whiteboard during the presentation or meeting. When the speaker or session is finished, so are the visual notes.

Graphic recording is an engaging way to capture and remember the essence of what is being said. The use of hand drawn objects adds a human element and as a result are engaging in an environment dominated by digital media.

The end product is a visual summary that is either:

small: A4 or A3 paper, converted to digital format for distribution by email, social media, or projected at the event, or

big: flip-charts, whiteboards, butcher’s paper or larger for real time viewing and possibility to also digitise for your intranet, or distribution by email or social media.

Visuals for your presentations, client pitches, project updates, survey results, final reports, visual CVs.

We help your audience to quickly understand and remember the key points. It is about turning your key information into memorable visuals to support your message. Our work is split between computer based design, hand made drawings, and photography. Hand made drawings or photography can inject a warmth and engaging human element that contrasts to the mostly digitised workplace.

The end products can be icons, illustrations, cartoons, logos, process maps, timelines, infographics. They are tailored to any insights, data or actions you would like to emphasise.

The end product could also be an animated whiteboard video, using a mix of stop motion and drawing by hand effects. We use animation to communicate in an entertaining and attention grabbing way. Importantly, it is a method of quickly communicating multiple or complex ideas.

We have expertise in both graphic design and data analysis and can bring what ever mix of those skills you need to ensure we provide the best visuals to communicate your ideas.

We can summarise your complex ideas, data, or workflow information in a single graphic so that you can easily communicate large amounts of information quickly to your clients or workplace.

We have expertise in graphic design and data analysis and bring a mix of skills to the task that suits what you want to communicate.

We can graphically represent your data to communicate your main findings, regardless of what stage or format your data is in.

Whether it be representing two numbers, or compiling thousands of data points, we have the skills to bring that data into a visual representation that communicates what you want to say.

We respect that many of our clients’ work contains confidential information and we never share such information. However, our portfolio page provides examples of our work that our clients are happy to share.


Able to visually capture the themes, content and agreed outcomes for the team, in a way that resonates with each individual. The work that she did is on the office wall and is referred to by the team as well as a discussion point for others in the business. …brought a new dimension to the team day that everyone found refreshing.

Kate Herbert

Regional Operations Manager, Career Transitions at Hudson.

The result – an entertaining, enlightening and engaging opening to our conference.

Natalie Nunn

Oceania Learning & Development Leader at EY

Organisations that have used our work.


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