Graphically summarising information for efficient and clear communication.

We visually capture live events such as
conferences  ·  strategy sessions  ·  meetings  ·  workshops

We turn your information into graphics for your
presentations  ·  reports  ·  websites  ·  pitches  ·  visual CVs

Visual notes

We listen closely to what is being said and visually capture the main points using words and pictures. This is called visual notes and graphic recording. It is done in real-time on paper or a whiteboard during the presentation or meeting. When the speaker or session is finished, so are the visual notes – immediately ready for projection at the event or distribution through social media.


We help your audience to quickly understand and remember the key points through illustrations, cartoons, animations, icons, logos, process maps, timelines. It is about turning your key information into memorable visuals to support your message. Our work is split between computer based design, hand made drawings, and photography. Hand made drawings or photography can inject a warmth and engaging human element that contrasts to the mostly digitised workplace.


We can summarise your complex ideas, data, or workflow information in a single graphic so that you can easily communicate large amounts of information quickly to your clients or workplace.

We have expertise in graphic design and data analysis and bring a mix of skills to the task that suits what you want to communicate.

We do not limit ourselves to digital media.

We work with you to choose the best medium to communicate your ideas. Sometimes the warmth and humanity of pen and paper cuts through in a digital environment. Sometimes the solidity of digital graphics reinforces your ideas the best.

Organisations that have used our work.

Client testimonials

“Able to visually capture the themes, content and agreed outcomes for the team, in a way that resonates with each individual. The work Gutsay did is on the office wall and is referred to by the team as well as a discussion point for others in the business.”

Kate Herbert, Regional Operations Manager, Career Transitions at Hudson.

“Having seen and been impressed by some of their previous work, I engaged the services of Gutsay to complement a crucial training presentation for several motor vehicle dealership clients.
Our clients’ staff and management appreciated Gutsay’s immediate and succinct visual capture of the the training material and their own feedback, as well as the post-training presentation of Gutsay’s complete graphic summary of the training. Gutsay’s post-training graphic summary not only reinforced the outcomes of the training, but did so in a unique and impactful way. My clients’ enthusiastic reference to Gutsay’s work months after it was provided is further evidence that the benefits to my clients gave me an excellent return on my investment in Gutsay’s superb service.”

Sean Morahan, Director, Auto Pty Ltd.

CJ Delling

Who we are.

We are independent designers based in Sydney, Australia. We work with information of any kind to help you communicate what you want to say.

We visually capture your key messages using words and pictures. We help your audience to quickly understand what you want to get across. It is about turning your important information into memorable visuals.

Mark Butlin

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